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What is a Netizen?

On the History and Impact of the Net
by Michael Hauben & Ronda Hauben

Last Modified: 6/12/96

There are people online who actively contribute towards the development of the Net.
These people understand the value of collective work and the communal aspects of public communications. These are the people who discuss and debate topics in a constructive manner, who e-mail answers to people and provide help to new-comers, who maintain FAQ files and other public information repositories, who maintain mailing lists, and so on.  These are people who discuss the nature and role of this new communications medium. These are the people who as citizens of the Net, I realized were Netizens.

However, these are not all people.
Netizens are not just anyone who comes online, and they are especially not people who come online for individual gain or profit.  They are not people who come to the Net thinking it is a service. Rather they are people who understand it takes effort and action on each and everyone's part to make the Net a regenerative and vibrant community and resource. Netizens are people who decide to devote time and effort into making the Net,

Lurkers are not Netizens, and vanity home pages are not the work of Netizens.
While lurking or trivial home pages do not harm the Net, they do not contribute either.
this new part of our world, a better place.

Two general uses of the term Netizen have developed. The first is a broad usage to refer to anyone who uses the Net, for whatever purpose. Thus, the term netizen has been prefixed in some uses with the adjectives good or bad. The second usage is closer to my understanding. This definition is used to describe people who care about Usenet and the bigger Net and work towards building the cooperative and collective nature which benefits the larger world. These are people who work towards developing the Net.

"네트를 만들어가는 데에 활동적으로 기여하는 사람들이 있다."로 시작한다.
협업과 소통의 가치를 이해하고, 항상 발전하는 태도로 토의하기를 즐기는 사람들.

하우번은 네트에서의 시민으로서의 네티즌과 단순인터넷서비스이용자를 구분하였고, 네트를 만들어가는데 기여를 하는 사람과 럴커(잠복자)를 구분하였다.

개인의 이익만을 생각하는 사람들, 단지 서비스를 이용하러 네트에 접속하는 사람들은 하우번의 정의에 의하면 네티즌이 아니다.

더 큰 세상의 이익이 있는 협동적인 세계를 만들어가는데 함께 동참하는 사람들. 그들이 네티즌이다.

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